Board Effectiveness

Board Govenance

  • Governance model
  • Committee structure
  • Board culture
  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • Board priorities
  • Board recruitment
  • Board orientation and onboarding program
  • Board member engagement
  • Board meetings
  • Due diligence and decision making
  • Ongoing board development program
  • Information flow & transparency
  • Board evaluation process
  • CEO evaluation process
  • Succession planning process
  • Board and committee chair coaching
  • Partnership and alliances
  • Accountability

Governance is the Board's most significant role. Not only is good governance important in setting the stage for effective leadership and oversight, but a well functioning board is an important strategic asset.

Good governance is a competitive advantage for nonprofits seeking support as donors are becoming more sophisticated in their screening practices and insisting on higher levels of accountability.

SLP can help your non profit :

  • Engage your board and develop your board members
  • Promote a healthier boardroom culture
  • Design a structure & tools to govern actively and responsibly
  • Employ best practices and solutions designed specifically for your organization
  • Leverage board member skills, experience and networks
  • Clarify board member roles and responsibilities
  • Enhance decision making
  • Ensure higher levels of performance, impact and accountability
  • Compete more effectively for donor support
  • Satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of donors

Boards governed to succeed are a necessity for programs supported by public dollars. With government spending increasingly under the microscope, granting bodies need to ensure that the charities they support have established and follow appropriate governance policies and procedures, and maximize the benefits of the funds provided.

SLP can help your Granting or Funding Agency:

  • Assess the governance policies of applicants
  • Assure yourselves of the effective governance of the organizations that you support
  • Assess independently the strategies and sustainability of organizations that you support
  • Maximize the benefit of your support
  • Ensure transparency and accountability
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