Strategic Leverage Partners

Board Governance Specialists
and Strategic Planning Advisors

Our Mission

Strategic Leverage Partners Inc. provides independent strategic analytical services to assist companies in better leveraging their resources, with primary focus on Boards.

Collaborative Process

The Strategic Leverage Partners team uses a collaborative process to deliver realistic plans that increase engagement and improve efficiency, impact and accountability.

Leveraging Your Board

The Board is one of a company's most strategic assets. Yet, its experience, contacts, and expertise are largely underutilized. Our clients can expect to better leverage the skill, expertise and networks of their board members. Board can expect to be better informed and engaged and fully prepared for making key decisions.

Defining Your Strategy

Using a proven framework, Strategic Leverage Partners' process begins with management, board and stakeholder interviews and culminates in key recommendations and a detailed action plan. Integral to the process is the ability to make adjustments to the action plan as you move forward.

If You Have...

- An underutilized board

- Difficulty separating the role of the board from that of management

- Concerns around your due diligence process

- Difficulty evaluating either your board or your CEO

- Concerns regarding succession planning

- A need for greater transparency and accountability

- Governance best practice in theory only...

....then Strategic Leverage Partners may be right for you!